Saturday, 21 February 2009

Plan B

In the past week, a number of developments, both positive and negative, have occurred in the development of the Belfast Mystery Plays project. On the positive side, we have recruited (with much appreciated assistance) a number of volunteers from the School of Drama at Queen's University, Belfast, to fill the fascinating and challenging roles of our Biblical protagonists. These volunteers will be auditioned this coming week (a novel experience for most of us on the organising team) after which we will begin rehearsing. On the negative side, the time-restrictions of the academic year have meant that, for this year at least, we have had to scale down our plans - thus we will be performing less material than we had previously hoped, and will not be able to mount each play in site-specific Belfast locations. However, we have now decided to save our original, ambitious plans for next year, in order to do the material and all involved the justice it deserves. This year's performance, then, will hopefully be something of a prelude, allowing us to identify problems and plus-points for next year. Nevertheless, this year's performance will still be (fingers-crossed) an accomplished and entertaining experience with a great cast and soundtrack. Watch this space.


Monday, 2 February 2009

The Resurrection

Apologies to whoever may be reading this for the lack of activity in recent weeks. Unfortunately/Necessarily the plays have been on hiatus since Christmas while the team researched, wrote and handed in assignments (a number of which discussed the traditions of Mystery Plays, incidentally). Now however we have no excuses, and so we intend to hit the ground running. This week we hope to get scripts finalised and the process of casting begun. So there should be, fingers crossed, much more to talk about here in the coming weeks. We also hope to start generating a bit more publicity with this website, so we will be hopefully linking to other relevant pages and spreading the word about the project. All that remains is to wish a belated Happy New Year!