Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Facebook and Rehearsals

As you can see from the widget on the left, we've officially joined facebook. Considering the fact we've had this blog for a while now, pretty much the entire duration of the project, I honestly don't know why we didn't set it up before. Luckily Siobhan, one of our ultra-talented cast-members, suggested we embrace modern technology last night after rehearsal. I duly embraced, and woke up to find we have something like fifteen friends. Very flattering. Judging by the fact that I've never even met some of those who have befriended us, there appears to be a good bit of interest in the project, which bodes very well.

As for rehearsal, last night saw us gather various members of the team after our much-deserved Easter break. Unfortunately, as God, the Devil and various Angels couldn't make it (what an odd sentence) we couldn't rehearse the Creation of the Universe, but we did give the Creation of Man and the Fall of Man a thorough going-over. Bridget, one of our Expositors, understudied very nicely for God and Siobhan, in addition to getting her own Angelic role spot-on multi-tasked brilliantly as another Angel (which involved having a conversation with herself) and the Devil. Gerard, our Adam, was suitably excellent as a childlike, innocent and, occasionally-terrified-at-the-prospect-of-damnation, Adam. And Will, one of our ultra-talented writers and now officially a director had at least me if not everyone else in stitches with his Kenneth Williams style 'oohhs' (which I had forgotten I'd written into the script). All in all a productive evening.

On Wednesday it's the Joseph and Mary show again, here's hoping it goes as swimmingly.


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